The Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association: striving to better the cattle industry.

MSCA provides a voice for the cattlemen and women in Minnesota.

The Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association is a membership-based organization representing cattle producers and individuals who are part of the Minnesota beef community. MSCA is primarily focused on addressing local, state and federal issues impacting the long-term viability of cattlemen in our state. MSCA also works on several promotional and educational activities during the year including the Summer Beef Tour, trade shows, Farm Fest, MSCA Annual Cattle Convention and supporting local affiliate activities.
Mission: To create and maintain an economic and political climate that provides individual members the opportunity to sustain and grow the cattle industry in Minnesota.

We are stronger together:


MSCA is a grassroots organization consisting of over 20 local cattlemen's groups providing the greatest opportunity for producer input and policy recommendations. 


MSCA affiliates and councils appoint representatives to the MSCA Board of Directors and policy committees. These volunteer leaders are your voice at the state level, setting MSCA goals and shaping our policy. These policies are then carried by MSCA members to the legislature, state agencies, consumer groups and media, providing a statewide voice for today's beef producers. 


As an affiliate of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), MSCA provides a voice for Minnesota cattlemen on national issues affecting your business. Our involvement with NCBA ensures you have a seat at the decision-making table. The NCBA Washington office is considered one of the most effective ag lobbying groups on the Hill, while the Denver office conducts research, communication, membership services and beef promotion activities.

Working for our members:

-Our team is having ongoing discussions with members of the supply chain to better understand barriers that may exist in sourcing beef products and reassuring consumers that beef will be available as soon as deliveries can be made. 

-Securing flexibility in the crop insurance Prevented Planting requirements to allow cover crops to be harvested early.  

-Insisting on fair and accurate labeling of “fake” meat products to enable consumers to make informed choices.

-Calling for limits to EPA jurisdiction on a number of fronts, including securing repeal of the WOTUS rule.

-Providing clear and comprehensive comments to regulators on behalf of our members, including suggested solutions, on issues such as de-listing of wolves, animal disease traceability implementation, endangered species act reform, antibiotic resistance and many more. 

Check out our 2022 Annual Report to see what the MSCA did for our members this year!

What our members are saying:

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