The Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association

Minnesota cattlemen working to defend producers and members of the beef industry within Minnesota is the main objective of the Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association. We are a grass roots non-profit membership organization advocating on behalf of members to ensure cattle production remains a relevant, safe and sustainable way of life for generations to come.

As we look toward the future, it is important for all cattlemen to help protect the vitality of this industry within our state. Member-directed policy provides a voice for Minnesota cattlemen on all public policy issues in front of congress, the state legislature and government agencies. MSCA staff and leadership represents the interests of members, serving in their respected positions, working for cattlemen.

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As a MSCA member, you join a community collectively committed to preserving your livelihood not only for you, but for generations to come. 

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Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association works at the state, local and national level on public policy and advocacy which directly affects Minnesota beef producers. A large slate of volunteer leaders, professional staff and network of members deliver results that no single beef producer could alone. Together we create a strong, unified voice.

Stay informed on state & national news. MSCA provides a wide variety of communication platforms to keep you in touch with industry and policy information.


Mark your calendars and check out all the events MSCA offers throughout the year to provide cattlemen with resources to improve their operation, discuss policy and form connections with cattlemen and cattlewomen across the state.


MSCA's top priority is to advocate on behalf of Minnesota's beef producers at the state Capitol and Washington D.C. Learn how we do this and find a quick link to resources that will help you be a better advocate for the beef industry.

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