Meet Kent Solberg

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Join us over the next few weeks as we introduce you to the speakers and special guests that will be joining us for the 2017 Minnesota Cattle Industry Convention and Trade Show!

Kent S.

Kent Solberg 

Livestock and Grazing Specialist - Sustainable Farming Association

Sponsored by: Prairie Creek Seed

Meet Kent Solberg 

Kent speaks during the Cattlemen's College education series on Friday, December 1st.

Topic:   "Get more from what you have:  Cover crop and livestock strategies for forage production, soil function, animal health, water quality and the bottom line." SFA Livestock and Grazing Specialist Kent Solberg works with producers from across Minnesota to integrate livestock, and forage and cover crops into cropping systems.  He will cover why and how these principles practices can be a boost for your operation along with actual examples from across the state.

About Kent: Kent and his wife Linda own and operate a grass-based livestock farm near Verndale, MN.   Kent has been involved in planned grazing and pasture based livestock systems for over 25 years.   For the past 9 years he has used cover crops and seeded annuals to integrate livestock into cropping systems and improve soil health.  He has taught college courses and presented at numerous workshops on forages, fencing, grazing, livestock management and soil health.  Kent currently serves as the Livestock and Grazing Specialist for the Sustainable Farming Association.    

Posted: November 15, 2017