2020 Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association and Minnesota Beef Council Awards:

2020 Minnesota Cattlemen of the Year

Krist Wollum

2020 Beef Industry Service Award

Katie Davis

2020 Minnesota Beef Council Prime Promoter of the Year Award

The Farmfest Committee

2020 Minnesota CattleWomen Awards:

2020 Friend of the Minnesota CattleWomen

Karin Schaefer 

2020 Lifetime Achievement Award

Juanita Reed-Boniface

2020 CattleWomen of the Year

Debbie Chute

2020 Cartridge For Cash Program

Thank you Dr. Grant Crawford and Anna Haas of Merck Animal Health! Thank you members for recycling your Merck implant cartridges and support of the MSCA! 

 We set a new record this year: $6,651 donation at $0.25 per cartridge! 

Speaker Slides:

Want to see the recorded talks? Email us at [email protected]!

Dr. Alfredo DiCostanzo

Dr. Eric Mousel