Meet Dr. Marily Corbin, DVM

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Dr. Marily Corbin, DVM 

Senior Veterinarian, Beef Strategies Services – Zoetis

Sponsored by Zoetis

               Meet Dr. Marily Corbin, DVM 

                       Dr. Corin presents as part of our Cattlemen's College Education series -                             Sponsored by Zoetis - on Friday, December 1st.

                       Topic: "Solutions for when Antibiotics Fail to Meet Expectations”.  In this                             session we will discuss how to critically evaluate antibiotics.

                       About Marilyn: Marilyn J. Corbin earned her B.S. in Animal Science from                            South Dakota State University and her D.V.M. from the University of                                    Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Corbin then obtained a                                Masters at West Texas A&M University, where her research emphasis was                        in Feedlot Health and Nutrition.  After an internship in a cow-calf practice in                        Burwell, Nebraska she began her Ph.D. program at the University of                                  Nebraska, Great Plains Veterinary Educational Center.  Her research                                  emphasis at UN-GPVEC was Feedlot Epidemiology.  Marilyn has extensive                        experience in contract research and the animal health industry.  Dr. Corbin is a technical service veterinarian for Zoetis.  She is a member of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners, Academy of Veterinary Consultants, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, and the Nebraska Cattlemen’s.  Marilyn has served on the AVC Board of Directors and chaired the Procedures & Policy and Membership Committees.  Dr. Corbin and her husband, Mike ranch near Harrison, NE.

Posted: November 13, 2017