MSCA Submits Comments to DOT on ELD waiver for Livestock Haulers

The Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association submitted Comments to the Department Of Transportation regarding the recently posted Electronic Logging Device waiver for Livestock Haulers in the Federal Register.


The National Cattlemen's Beef Association has worked as part of an agricultural coalition to file a waiver request to the Department of Transpiration for limited exemption for livestock carriers from the final rule: Electronic Devises and Hours of Service Supporting Documents, Final Rule 80 Fed. Reg. 78292 (Dec. 16, 2015). This exemption is necessary so farmers, ranchers, haulers and the agency can take the appropriate steps to alleviate any unintended consequences that this mandate may have on the hauling of live animals. Granting a waiver and limited exemption from the ELD mandate for livestock haulers will enable FMCSA to reach out to livestock haulers effectively, allow for long-standing livestock transportation safety and training programs to make needed adjustments, and provide the necessary time for training livestock haulers on the use of ELDs. 

See MSCA comments HERE.

See DOT Waiver Request HERE.

Submit comments on behalf of your farm or ranch! Comments must be received on or before November 30, 2017.

To submit your comments online, go to  and put the docket number, “FMCSA-2017-0297” in the “Keyword” box, and click “Search.” When the new screen appears, click on “Comment Now!” button and type your comment into the text box in the following screen. Choose whether you are submitting your comment as an individual or on behalf of a third party and then submit. 

Please note, these comments are public information and should be focused on safety and our industries current strong safety record. (The comments linked below fit that scope.)  Please submit comments prior to November 30th.  Information from the original petition can be referenced regarding safety numbers from page 4 of the document.  

Sample Comments can be found HERE. These may be edited as needed and pasted directly into the comment section on the federal register.

Posted: November 12, 2017