Meet Dustin Balsley

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Co-Founder and COO, Performance Livestock Analytics 

Sponsored by: Purina Animal Nutrition.

Meet Dustin Balsley

Dustin is part of our Cattlemen's College Educational Series on Friday, December 1st.

Topic: Replace Gut Decisions with Real-Time Data By better understanding our daily, feed, financial, and performance data, we can start to find opportunities to improve our operations. Our goal is to find patterns, trends, and outlying variables that we can act upon. The struggle today, is finding the time to collect accurate information and display it in a way we can make an educated decision moving forward. Dustin will cover how digging deep into your actual feed records, feeding times, and financial reports we can improve inefficiencies, performance, and financial opportunities using cloud-based software tools.

About Dustin: Dustin is a PLA Co-Founder and COO. Dustin was raised on a cow/calf and beef feedlot operation near Osage, Iowa. Dustin received a B.A. from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa in History. After teaching History for 3 years at the high school level, Dustin took roles at The Climate Corporation and Iteris ClearAg. Dustin has won a DNA award for innovation at the Climate Corporation, was a finalist for the Farm Bureau Business Competition, and won the Iowa John Pappajohn business plan competition. Dustin currently resides in Ames, Iowa where PLA has set up their head quarters.

Performance Beef provides a farmer friendly software solution built by feedlot producers. Performance beef has created a revolutionary Bluetooth Smart scale device that automates the feed delivery process, so the producer can capture every pound of feed delivered and every dollar spent.  Performance Beef allows real-time access to on farm data and closeout reports. The program can connect to all your trusted advisors, so the right information is getting to those who help the producer make important performance and financial decisions. Being a cloud-based system allows you to access this information on any devise from any where in the world.

Posted: November 10, 2017