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Join us over the next few weeks as we introduce you to the speakers and special guests that will be joining us for the 2017 Minnesota Cattle Industry Convention and Trade Show!

Jesse fulton

Associate Director – Producer Education, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

Sponsored by: National BQA Program

       Meet Jesse Fulton

            Jesse kicks off our convention as the keynote speaker for our opening                                session at noon on Friday, December 1st.

            Topic: Results and Observations of the 2016 National Beef Quality                              Audit

            About Jesse: Jesse Fulton is originally from the Northeastern corner of                              the bluegrass state along the Ohio river in Lewis County, KY. His interest in                        agriculture began on his grandparent’s dairy operation and from there grew by                    lending a helping hand on neighboring cow/calf  operations.

             After completing his Bachelor’s in Animal Science at Morehead State                                University, Jesse went on to pursue his Master's focusing in meat                                         science at South Dakota State University under the advisement of Dr. Amanda                   Blair.

Some of Jesse’s research included the effect of copper and zinc source on pre-weaning performance of cows, health and performance of suckling calves, and post-weaning feedlot performance, carcass composition and meat quality of calves.

He is now the Associate Director of Producer Education with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association in Denver, CO. His duties include, managing Cattlemen’s College, overseeing the 2016 National Beef Quality Audit and leading the development of the Beef Quality Assurance online training modules.   

Posted: November 6, 2017