Cattlemen Show Support of S.F. 218 - Ditch Mowing Legislation Repeal

Cattlemen Show Support of S.F. 218 - Ditch Mowing Legislation Repeal


Subject: Support of S.F. 218

Dear Minnesota Committee on Transportation Finance and Policy,

On behalf of the members of the Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association, I would like to express our support of S.F. 218.

Cattlemen’s commitment to effective stewardship includes ongoing efforts to preserve clean waterways, control invasive plants and non-native grasses, and protect wildlife. Our continued efforts to care for Minnesota’s land and wildlife allows us to provide quality habitat for wildlife and pollinators.


The first reason we support S.F. 218 is because our efforts to maintain and manage our land and pastures becomes more difficult if it borders land that is not managed to the same caliber.  Non-native and invasive plants and grasses are a constant struggle to keep out of our fields and pastures.  The second reason for our support of S.F. 218 comes from the need of many cattlemen who rely on ditches to provide a source of feed for their livestock.  For many years, farmers have voluntarily managed and baled ditches across the state of Minnesota.  This service has not only allowed for proper and timely management of ditches, but has allowed for a reduction in resources needed by the Minnesota Department of Transportation to manage these ditches.

In closing, cattlemen are committed to environmental stewardship initiatives that preserve open spaces, renew native plant life, preserve clean water, and protect habitat for wildlife and pollinators.  Restricting our ability to manage ditches in the hopes to achieve these goals is not effective or realistic.

Thank-you for your time.Kindest Regards,

Grant Breitkreutz


Redwood Falls, Minnesota

Posted: February 28, 2017