MSCA Holds Successful Summer Tour

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July 19th, 2016


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Canby, MN – The Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association Annual Summer Beef Tour and trade show, hosted by the MidWest Cattlemen’s Association, was has held on July 12th in Canby, Minnesota.

“The 2016 summer cattlemen’s tour and trade show was a great success. Along with a beautiful day, we had a great turn out by our area cattlemen, cattlemen from a crossed the state, along with cattlemen from Iowa and South Dakota to take the day long tour.” – Krist Wollum, MSCA President Elect and tour committee Co-Char.

Over 800 cattlemen & women, cattle industry professionals, community members and consumers from a crossed the upper Midwest attended the annual tour and trade show. The tour featured a diverse offering of innovative family beef farms and a world class forage demonstration.  Attendees had the opportunity to interact with each farm owner while learning about how their farm functions and succeeds.   They also had the opportunity to observe various brands of equipment in action with the opportunity to interact with multiple equipment dealer representatives. 

“Along with our stops featuring breeding stock and feeding systems, we also highlighted the ability of our members to work with government agencies through public grazing cooperative farming agreements. New this year was the forage demo; after a great deal of work by a few of our board members, they put together a great event.” Krist Wollum, MSCA President Elect and tour committee Co-Char. 

Farm highlights included progressive production practices, advanced genetics, rotational grazing, cattle marketing strategies, and innovation within the beef industry.  The forage demonstration featured equipment lines from multiple brands of forage and harvesting equipment.  This demonstration allowed for attendees to compare multiple brands of equipment working side by side with the opportunity to ask questions of the dealers and industry experts who market the equipment.

The Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association and the MidWest Cattlemen’s Association would like to thank the Wiesen Limousin Farm, Crazy Fate Ranch, Rockin H Ranch, Circle S Cattle Company and the Pesek Cattle farm for opening up their gates to allow this tour to be a diverse and interesting event to all who attended. These groups would also like to give a special thank-you to all of the vendors, business and volunteers who make this event an annual success.

“The entire event would not have been possible without the support of our great vendors who, year after year, continue to help us make the tour and many other cattlemen’s events successful. Also, we can’t thank enough the attendees of tour and trade show. And last, but not least, a big shout out to the committee that put it all together and successfully executed the event.” - Krist Wollum, MSCA President Elect and tour committee Co-Char.


The Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association (MSCA) is a membership-based organization that represents cattle farmers and individuals who are part of the cattle community in Minnesota.

Posted: July 19, 2016