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Cattle Krush combines the feeder future markets and connects current corn prices and finishing live prices, giving producers, lenders, and commodity brokers the insights they need to better their opportunities of higher profits. 

Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association and Performance Livestock Partner to Support Cattlemen

The Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association (MSCA) and Performance Livestock Analytics have formed a partnership to bring Cattle Krush, a marketing tool to aid cattlemen from all sectors of the beef industry gain insights to ensure profit opportunities are not missed, to MSCA members.

“We recognize livestock plays a major role in production agriculture, yet it remains underserved in data management programs.” – Dustin Balslay, COO – Performance Livestock Analytics

This service, typically $75/month or $900/year, is now free to all MSCA members!

Cattle Krush ensures buying and selling decisions are made with real time data. Set profit goals, receive text alerts, and connect your advisors to your profit alerts all in one, simple to use app. Cattle Krush is designed to assist buying and selling decisions by calculating profit opportunities from the Chicago board of trade futures markets in feeder cattle, live cattle and corn.

 “With recent market volatility and shrinking margins within the beef industry, whether you’re marketing feeder calves or fat cattle, identifying all potential profit opportunities is crucial to the viability of your farm or ranch.” Krist Wollum, President – Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association.

The “Auction” tool within the Cattle Krush program calculates real-time profit margins to help both the cow/calf producer and the feedyard owner ensure feeder cattle asking prices are profitable for the ranch owner and competitive for the feedyard owner. This function can be utilized in the auction barn, with online auctions and in straight off the ranch sales. In addition to the auction tool, cattlemen benefit from the “My Lots” function. This function allows the feedyard to import cattle currently on feed to track and monitor profit opportunities. This function also allows the cow/calf producers, bankers and commodity brokers to monitor feedlot margins to assist in setting fair feeder cattle prices.

How to Sign up:

1. Membership: Cattle Krush is FREE to Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association members. To join or renew your local association and Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association membership, click HERE

  • Members will receive the enterprise level of Cattle Krush for free. This program is valued at $75/month or $900/year for non members.

2. Cattle Krush Enrollment: Visit the Performance Livestock Analytics website.

  • Click on the Cattle Krush link at the top of the page, then click on the Sign Up button.
  • Complete the requested account information and click next.
  • Enter your credit card information.
    • IMPORTANT: If your membership is current with the Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association and you use discount code "mncattle", your credit card will NOT be charged!. If you allow your membership to laps, you will be contacted by Performance Livestock Analytics to inquire if you wish to utilize Cattle Krush at the non member rate.
  • Enter discount code "mncattle"
  • Select the Enterprise plan.

3. Thrive: Benefit from industry leading policy development and legislative advocacy your membership in the Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association provides, and find market opportunities to better market your cattle or contracts with Cattle Krush.

For Cattle Krush questions and support contact Performance Livestock Analytics at 515-337-2187.