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MSCA Urges Secretary Jewell to File Appeal to Wolf Ruling

The Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association (MSCA) is urging the Secretary of Interior, Secretary Sally Jewel, to immediately appeal the decision of US District Judge Beryl A. Howell that vacated the US Department of Interior’s action that delisted the wolves in Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin.

On behalf of the cattlemen and cattlewomen of Minnesota, The Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association (MSCA) is urging the Secretary of Interior, Secretary Sally Jewel, to immediately appeal the decision of US District Judge Beryl A. Howell that vacated the US Department of Interior's action that delisted the wolves in Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin. In addition, MSCA further requested that the appeal include a petition for immediate stay of the order and full reinstatement of the final rule revising the Listing of the Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) in the Western Great Lakes (the "Final Rule"), 76 Fed. Reg. 81,666 (Dec. 28, 2011), pending completion of the appeal process. MSCA has also requested the assistance of Governor Dayton, Senator Al Franken, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Representative Collin Peterson and the rest of the Minnesota Federal Legislators in urging Secretary Jewel to file this appeal.

MSCA President Tim Nolte stated in his letter, "The ruling that reclassified wolves as threatened places Minnesota farm and ranch families in a concerning situation of committing a federal felony under the Endangered Species Act, should they injure or kill a wolf while attempting to protect a family pet or their domestic livestock." He added "The ruling leaves the citizens of Minnesota without any immediate option to deal with wolves that are in the act of stalking or killing their livestock, family pets or frequenting their front yards and creating a serious danger to their children and grandchildren."

The State of Minnesota, through the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and Department of Agriculture, has developed and implemented a comprehensive and time proven wolf management plan. This successful plan has been the basis for previous delisting and the means of ensuring Minnesota's wolves never again become threatened or endangered. MSCA plans to continue their support of Minnesota's State agencies in controlling Minnesota's wolf population.

For more information contact Ashley Kohls at 612-618-6619 or visit

The Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association (MSCA) is a membership-based organization that represents cattle farmers and individuals who are part of the cattle community in Minnesota. The organization currently represents over 1,000 members from all segments of the beef community.

MSCA Submits Comments on Importation of Beef From a Region in Argentina

The Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association (MSCA) recently submitted comments concerning the proposed rule by USDA APHIS to import fresh (chilled or frozen), matured, deboned beef from Northern Argentina into the United States.

While MSCA supports trade based on scientifically informed principles that are consistent with the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) guidelines, we do not support the proposed rule by USDA APHIS to import fresh beef from Northern Argentina into the United States

In the comments, MSCA supports research completed by the University of Minnesota.

This opposition concerning the APHIS risk analysis reflect the findings obtained through a third party, objective, scientific review of APHIS's Risk Analysis: Foot-and-Mouth Disease Risk from Importation of Fresh (Chilled or Frozen), Matured, Deboned Beef from Northern Argentina into the United States by a team of risk assessors from the University of Minnesota (UMN) College of Veterinary Medicine, Center for Animal Health and Food Safety, and the Center for Veterinary Population Medicine. The UMN team of reviewers included: Tim Goldsmith, DVM, MPH; Will Hueston, DVM, PhD; James Lee, DVM, MPH; and Fernando Sampedro, PhD. We believe that every effort should be made to develop an integrated domestic-foreign trade policy which encourages reciprocity, elimination of unfair trade restrictions and a movement toward private enterprise and free markets. We also believe APHIS needs to stay committed to ensuring the continued health and well-being of the United States cattle herd and to producing safe and wholesome beef products for consumers.

The Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association (MSCA) is a membership-based organization that represents cattle farmers and individuals who are part of the cattle community in Minnesota. The organization currently represents over 1,000 members from all segments of the beef community.

Ruling classifies Minnesota wolves as threatened

(Released December 19, 2014 from the MN DNR)

Effective immediately, Minnesotans can no longer legally kill a wolf except in the defense of human life.

A federal judge's decision to immediately reinstate Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan place the animals under protection of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Wolves now revert to the federal protection status they had prior to being removed from the endangered species list in the Great Lakes region in January 2012. That means wolves now are federally classified as threatened in Minnesota and endangered elsewhere in the Great Lakes region.

Only agents of the government are authorized to take wolves if depredation occurs.

Click here for more information

Meet Carissa Nath, meat scientist for AURI (Agricultural Utilization Research Institute)

Carissa is responsible for the operation of the USDA inspected meat laboratory of AURI in Marshall, MN. In this laboratory, Nath is able to utilize modern meat processing systems for developing and managing client projects in meat product development. Her tasks also include disseminating pertinent meat product development information, regulatory and food safety information to meat processors, retailers and the general consuming public.

Carissa received a Bachelor of Science degree in animal science form Texas Tech University and Master's degree in Animal Science with an emphasis on meat science from South Dakota State University. She is also active in coordinating and facility HACCP training worships as well as presenting and judging at the annual Minnesota Association of Meat Processors convention..

Carissa will be speaking on Beef Quality: Meeting Consumer Demand on Friday, December 4th at 1:45 pm

With the 2014 MSCA Convention only 2 weeks away, we would like for you to get a closer look at a few of our industry experts!

Let us introduce you to: John Robinson

John Robinson, Senior Director of Organizational Communications for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA), is responsible for sustainability communications for the organization and serves as chairperson of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, Communications Committee.

John will speak about beef sustainability and what steps the beef industry has taken to become a leader in defining what sustainability means to production agriculture.

"The beef industry is the first commodity group to document all three pillars of sustainability in an effort to benchmark progress. In the past, the beef industry took a back seat in conversations about sustainability and the future was being defined by individuals and groups outside of the industry. The completion of the life cycle assessment positions the beef industry in front of other protein groups, enabling the industry to lead global conversations about the sustainability of our product. By documenting the economic, environmental and social impacts for the full value chain, the beef industry can identify practical ways to improve the sustainability of beef and remain on the path of continuous improvement over time. "

John speaks Friday, December 5th at 12:00pm. Check out for more information, or to register.

Baxter Black to perform at State Convention

2014-2015 Minnesota Beef Ambassador Team Announced

Photo Description: The 2014-2015 Minnesota Beef Ambassador Team from left to right: Carlie Jackson, Zach Klaers, Amy Beckstrand, Martha Moenning and Abbey Schiefelbien

The Minnesota Beef Industry is proud to announce that Carlie Jackson (Sanborn), daughter of Frank & Christy Jackson, Zach Klaers (Arlington) son of Pat and Sandy Klaers and Amy Beckstrad (Waldorf) daughter of Paul & Marijo Beckstrand were chosen as 2014-2015 Senior Minnesota Beef Ambassador Team Members. The Minnesota Beef Industry is also proud to announce Martha Moenning (Hayfield) daughter of Mark & Donna Moenning and Abbey Schiefelbien (Kimball) daughter of Don and Jennifer Schiefelbien were chosen as 2014-2015 Junior Minnesota Beef Ambassador Team Members and will join the Senior Minnesota Beef Ambassador Team Members to complete this year's Minnesota Beef Ambassador Team.

Contestants from all over the state of Minnesota competed for a place on this year's Beef Ambassador Team and a chance to win cash prizes sponsored by the Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association and the Minnesota Cattlewomen's Association during the annual Minnesota Beef Ambassador Competition held on Thursday, October 16, 2014 at the CHS Miracle of Birth Center at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Five contestants ranging in age from 16-19 competed in the Senior Division of the contest this year. This year's top Senior Division contestant earning a cash prize and an opportunity to compete at the 2015 National Beef Ambassador Contest was Carlie Jackson, daughter of Frank & Christy Jackson of Sanborn, MN. Other contestants competing in the Senior Division of the contest were Mitchell Sims and Kayla Mulhern. The contest also saw five contestants ranging in age from 13-15 competing in the Junior Division of the contest. This year's top Junior Division Contestant was Martha Moenning, daughter of Mark and Donna Moenning of Hayfield, MN. Martha along with Abbey Schiefelbien daughter of Don and Jennifer Schiefielbien of Kimball, MN will also both be eligible for cash prizes. Other contestants competing in the Junior Division of the contest were Emilee White, Athena Moe and Emily Kathman.

During the contest all contestants were required to prepare an "elevator speech, "a short, to the point, statement outlining his/her message to consumers and what he/she wants consumers to know about the beef industry. Additionally, contestants competed in a mock radio interview, which observed the contestants ability to "Tell the Beef Production Story and present beef and farming in a positive light, a mock consumer promotion, which observed the contestants ability to educate the consumer about beef and the beef product, and a written response, which observed the contestants ability to thoughtfully answer and identify misinformation about beef.

About the Minnesota Beef Ambassador Program

The Minnesota Beef Ambassador Program provides an opportunity for youth ages 13-19 to educate consumers and students about beef nutrition, food safety and stewardship practices of beef farmers and ranchers. The Minnesota Beef Ambassador Program is funded in part by The Beef Checkoff Program. The Beef Checkoff was established as part of the 1985 Farm Bill and assesses $1 per head on the sale of live domestic and imported cattle, in addition to a comparable assessment on imported beef and beef products. States retain up to 50 cents on the dollar and forward the other 50 cents per head to the Cattlemen's Beef Promotion and Research Board, which administers the national checkoff program, subject to USDA approval.



Chase Adams

Shawna Newsome

Forty-Five Cattlemens’ Associations Tell USDA: Don’t Hijack the Checkoff

WASHINGTON (Oct. 14, 2014) – Today, 45 state cattlemens’ associations representing more than 170,000 cattle breeders,
producers and feeders sent a letter to Agriculture Secretary Vilsack, urging him not to issue an Order for a supplemental beef
checkoff under the 1996 General Commodity Promotion, Research and Information Act. Bob McCan, National Cattlemen’s
Beef Association
president and Victoria, Texas, cattleman says the strong turnout of signatories to this letter demonstrate the
concern across the country with the Secretary’s stated intention.

“Our state affiliates sent a clear message to the Secretary that they do not want a supplemental checkoff under the 1996 Act,”
said McCan. “NCBA stands firmly behind our grassroots producer organizations and we will do everything we can to support
their efforts. The checkoff belongs to cattlemen, not to the USDA or any administration.”

Grassroots producers have been the cornerstone of the Beef Checkoff Program since it was first enacted in 1985. There is no
required element of the 1996 Act that increases grassroots influence in national checkoff efforts. Furthermore, the 1996 Act
assures no protection to state beef councils, and gives much greater power to the federal government.

“The Beef Checkoff is a non-political, non-partisan structure designed by cattle producers to increase and support beef demand,” said McCan. “The Beef Checkoff serves all beef producers, nationwide, and the recent efforts by Secretary Vilsack do not serve the interests of producers, they only serve to politicize and polarize the industry. We are focused on how the Beef Checkoff can do more to support cattlemen and women; the Administration has focused on how they can use the Beef Checkoff for political spoils and to increase the control of the federal government.”

More information can be found at and producers can sign a petition directing the administration to abandon their efforts to take over the Checkoff by clicking here.


The National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) has represented America's cattle producers since 1898, preserving the heritage and strength of the industry
through education and public policy. As the largest association of cattle producers, NCBA works to create new markets and increase demand for beef. Efforts are
made possible through membership contributions. To join, contact NCBA at 1-866-BEEF-USA or

© Copyright 2014 National Cattlemen's Beef Association, all rights reserved.

A tribute to Ron Lindeen

The Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association lost member and friend this past week.

Ron Lindeen, of Comfrey, was a lifelong member of both the MSCA and the Cottonwood County Beef Producers. Ron served as the coordinator of the Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association for many years and spent countless hours helping shape many of the MSCA events to the successes they are today. His detail oriented dedication to the cattlemen's organization earned to top award of "MN Cattlemen of the Year" in 1990. Ron also received the Cattlemen of the Year award and the Outstanding Service award from the Cottonwood Beef Producers. He was known for his time spent at Farmfest, perched on a stool near the payment box, asking "Would you like the full meal deal with that?" Those who had the opportunity to serve with him say his presence there will never be forgotten.

Visitation for Ron will be held at the Sturm Funeral Home, Comfrey Chapel on Wednesday, October 8th from 5:00-8:00 pm. Funeral services will be held at the New Hope Lutheran Church in Comfrey on Thursday, October 9th at 11:00 am. More details can be found at

Ron's wife Rosie has asked that Minnesota State Cattlemen's members serve as honorary pall bearers.

Cattlemen in the Sky…

It's not the end of the trail for me,
I'm just headin' out to the light I see.
Beyond those barns there's a soft glow;
It's gettin' brighter the closer I go.
It's like the beginning of a new day,
And the trail I'm followin' leads the way.
I feel sure there's friends and family ahead,
And they've built me a farm on a brand new spread.
Yes, I can hear the voices callin' my name,
sayin', "Welcome Ron, sure glad you came,
This new place is special, you'll like it here,
There's grass for your animals, the streams are clear,
The cattle are gentle and never stampede,
And in every direction there's plenty of feed.
If you're thinkin' it sounds too good to be true,
it's not-'cause the Boss made a promise to you.
If you'd work for his crew, be honest and square,
He'd ease all your pain, and remove every care.
He was mighty pleased with your life on earth,
That you did your best, and proved your worth.
So step over to the table, and pull a chair up,
Your friends are all waiting to pour you a cup.
We'll talk about old days, as time allows,
'cause startin' tomorrow you'll be workin' God's cows!"

MSCA Welcomes Ashley Kohls as New Executive Director

The Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association is excited to announce that Ashley Kohls has accepted the position of executive director. Ashley holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from South Dakota State University and brings many years of experience in various sectors of the beef industry including nutrition, reproduction and animal health.

Her most recent work experience in the food industry also allows her to bring a strong back- ground in food safety and food quality; specializing in HACCP, regulatory compliance and environmental monitoring.

Originally from Iowa, she now resides in rural Hutchinson with her husband Craig and two children, Avery (5) and Bennett (2). Ashley and Craig own and operate Kohls Land and Cattle which consists of a short-term cow program, multiple yard feedlot and a diversified cropping operation. In her free time Ashley enjoys gardening, fishing and cooking. Ashley is excited to officially step in to this new roll September 1.

Redwood Area Cattlemen Host Successful Summer Tour

The Kerkhoff Cattle Company boys look over the cattle during the 2014 MSCA Summer Tour.

The Redwood Area Cattlemen's Association hosted a successful MSCA Summer Tour, July 8 in the Redwood Falls, MN area.

Over 1000 participants and vendors from a multi-state area attended the one-day event. The tour was headquartered at the Redwood Area Community Center and featured an intriguing tour spotlighting innovations in marketing, management and technologies.

Tour stops featured included, Grant and Dawn Breitkreutz and Family, Stoney Creek Farm, Redwood Falls; David and Clint Engen and Family, Double Creek Farm, Revere; George and Mike Landuyt, Landuyt Land & Livestock, Walnut Grove; Curt and Chad Thram and Family, Thram Farms, Sanborn; Butch and Brandon Kerkhoff and Family, Kerkhoff Cattle Company, Redwood Falls and Artex Manufacturing, Redwood Falls.

For more information and photos visit the Redwood Area Cattlemen's Association Facebook page.

Quarterly Board Meeting Scheduled for Sept. 6

The Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association quarterly board meeting will be held Sept. 6, 2014 at the DLCC Ranch, Pierz, MN.

The Executive Board will meet at 3:00 p.m., followed by the quarterly board meeting at 4:30 p.m.

The meeting will be followed by a dinner and pasture tour.

Thank You American Foods Group

Special thanks to American Foods Group for their generous donation to the Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association for the 2014 Minnesota Farm Fest cattlemen's food booth.

American Foods Group is owned by the holding company: Rosen's Diversified Inc. Rosen's Diversified was founded in 1946 by Elmer Rosen and Ludwig Rosen. They began buying livestock in rural areas and hauling it to St. Paul, Omaha, Sioux City and beyond. In the late 1950s, they began selling feed, fertilizer and chemicals to farmers. They entered the "ag chem" business at the right time and grew along with it. In 1974, the Rosen brothers again expanded by purchasing a packing facility, which marked the company's entrance into the beef-processing industry. Thereafter was the purchase of the beef processor, American Foods Group and the trucking line, America's Service Line. Rosen's Diversified has grown into a vertically integrated family of companies that provides products from the farm to the table.

"Our growth in the beef industry has made us an efficient partner to our customers. We remain a privately-held family business and through the years one thing has remained the same: we are a tight-knit group of hard working people who care about our customers, and each other."

-Tom Rosen CEO, American Foods Group

Thousands Served at Farmfest MSCA Food Booth

The MSCA served thousands of Farmfest visitors at the recent event held at the Gilfillan Estate, Redwood County, Minnesota. Thank you to the MSCA coordinators, volunteers and individuals from regional cattlemen's associations who helped make this event possible. Special thanks to the Farmfest exhibitors who partnered with MSCA to distribute meal vouchers.

State-Wide MSCA Grilling Contest Rescheduled

The Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association State-Wide Grilling Contest has been rescheduled for October 2015.

More details will be available in upcoming issues of the Minnesota Cattleman and on line at

For more information contact the MSCA office at 320-634-6722 or e-mail

Beef Ambassador Registration Deadline Oct. 6

The deadline to register for the 2014 Beef Ambassador Competition is October 6. The contest is open to Juniors age 13-15 and Seniors age 16-19. The competition will consist of a Mock Media Interview, Mock Consumer Promotion and Written Issues Response.

The junior and senior Beef Ambassador Team selected will represent the Minnesota Beef Industry for one year.

For more information contact Marilyn Nickel, Minnesota Cattlewomen at 507-227-0775, e-mail: or the Minnesota Beef Council, Kay Strohbehn,, 951-851-7994 or Karin Schaefer,, 951-851-7992.

MSCA Offers Seedstock Alliance

In order to better serve the breed associations and seedstock breeders in the state the executive board voted to offer a seedstock alliance. Those members who join the alliance will receive an eighth page size ad in each publication of the Minnesota Cattleman, published six times per year. They will also receive a listing of sale and event dates in each issue. Added benefits of seedstock alliance members will include sale reports and feature articles. Cost to join the MSCA Seedstock Alliance is $500. For more information contact the MSCA office.

MSCA Leadership Votes to Begin Junior Membership Program

The Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association leadership voted at the recent quarterly meeting to begin a junior membership program. Yearly membership fees will be $25. For more information contact the MSCA office.

MSCA Over Half Way to Membership Goal of 1200

The MSCA is over half way to the 2014 membership goal of 1200. If you have not already paid your membership for 2014 please send in your membership renewal. Your membership matters and allows our collective voices to be heard on the issues in St. Paul and Washington D.C.

The MSCA saw many successes in terms of our priority issues ranging from wolf management, expanded grazing access on conservation lands, reasonable animal identification requirements, opening up CRP and other conservation lands for emergency haying and grazing and improving the environmental permitting process. The MSCA is focused on these issues and many more.

Thank You Minnesota Beef Alliance Members

Thanks to the following businesses that have already joined the 2014 Minnesota Beef Alliance. If you are interested in learning more about the alliance, contact the MSCA office at 320-634-6722 or e-mail: or visit

Prime Level
Minnesota Corn Growers Association
Perham Stockyards
Purina Animal Nutrition
Carlson Wholesale, Inc.
American Foods Group

Central Livestock Association
Wulf Cattle

Arrex Mfg.

Summit Livestock Facilities
Bank of the West
State Bank of Taunton Farmers and Merchants State Bank For Most Livestock Equipment Agralite Electric Coop

Pearson Angus Ranch
DLCC Ranch

Breed Associations
Minnesota Limousin Association
Minnesota Simmental Association
Minnesota Angus Association
Minnesota Gelbvieh Association
Minnesota Hereford Breeders
Minnesota Shorthorn Association

Upcoming Events/Important Dates

Sept. 6: MSCA Quarterly Meeting, Pierz, MN

Oct. 16-19: Minnesota Beef Expo, St. Paul, MN

Dec. 4-6: MSCA Annual Convention & Trade Show, Hinckley, MN